Interested in doing business with River Valley Underwriters? We would love to do business with you! The first step is a small bit of paperwork. Follow the instructions below and in no time, your agency will be set up to transact business with us. Our future together is looking bright already!

  • Start by reading the instructions in this PDF: instructions.

  • Print and complete all of the forms listed below. Be sure to indicate which of our branch offices you will be doing business with.

  • Don’t forget to sign and date the forms.
  • Please include a copy of your agency’s current E & O declarations page, licenses, and W-9 form with your application.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Completion of these forms in no way constitutes appointment in any way by an River Valley Underwriters office. Your agency will be contacted after careful review of your submission, and, if approved, your agency will be assigned a unique producer identification number. Binding authority is not extended to any agent or agency.